If you are looking for free Download 10th Class Computer Science Book, you are right place. You can free download 10th Computer Book. By aiman - On May 10th / English Literature / BISE Lahore Board / Lectures. By Tabish riaz - On Mar 10th / Computer Science / BISE Sargodha Board / Past Papers. By Shahrukh - On Mar 10th / Computer Science / BISE Lahore Board / Practical. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Computer Science Textbook Foundation of Information Technology Solutions and extra questions from chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7.

10th Class Computer Book

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If you are searching for the Computer Science English Medium textbook of matric class 10 in pdf format to download then you are at right page. Download Class 10 Computer Science Foundation of Information Technology book, chapter notes and NCERT Solutions, students can free download in pdf. Chapter Number 06, Computer Science, Download. Chapter Number 07, Computer Science, Download. Full Book Computer Science Notes for 10th Class (Urdu).

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Good job. Hope so that these notes will help us a lot. Keep it up dear. It is a quantity whose value may change during the execution of the program.

It is name of the memory location. It is used to store input data or results of computations. Rules for variable Declaration Variable name cant be more than 40 characters long. First character of name must be alphabet. Reserved words cant be used as variable name. Blank spaces are not allowed in name. Name can contain alphabets, digits, and special characters.

What is SAVE command? Give syntax with example.

This Command is used to store file on disk for later use. By default file is saved in compressed binary format. If [p] is used then file is stored in encoded binary format protected. SAVE C: Give examples. Input Statement: A statement which is used to give input to the program is called input statement. A statement which is used to display output of the program is called Output statement.

Chapter 3 Control Structure Q 1. What is control structure? What are its types? Control structure is used to control the flow of execution of a program. In this structure, code is executed in the same order in which it is written. No line is skipped. It is mostly used structure.

Selection Control Structure: In this structure, code is executed depending upon the condition. One block of code will be executed and other block will be skipped. In this structure, code is executed again and again until given condition is true. What is control transfer? Control transfer means moving control from one place to another Place in the program.

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It has 2 types. Unconditional Conditional Unconditional control transfer: In this transfer, control moves from one point to other specific point by skipping one or more lines without any condition. In this transfer, control moves from one point to other specific point by skipping one or more lines depending on a certain condition. This is type of selection structure. This is a decision making structure. In this structure the statements are executed if the condition is true. In this structure, depending on the condition, one block of code is executed and other block of code is skipped.

Condition is expression which evaluates to either true or false.

If condition is true then the 1st block is executed and 2nd block is skipped. Else 2nd block is executed and 1st block is skipped. Both blocks can never be executed together. What is loop? It is Repetition control structure which is used to repeat a set instructions for a specified number of times or until condition is true. This loop is used to execute a set of statements for specified number of times. This loop is used to execute set of statements until given condition is true.

When condition is false, loop terminates. What is nested loop? Give example. Loop inside body of another loop is called nested loop.

Any loop can be nested in the body of any other loop. Chapter 4 Arrays Q 1. What is Array? An array is a collection of variables of same data type which are placed contiguously closely to each other in memory. Each array has a name and each array consist of elements which can be accessed with the help of index value.

10th Class Computer Science Book in English pdf Download Punjab Textbook Board

Array is also called subscripted variable because it store variables of same data type. By default index starts from zero.

But it can be started from 1 as well. What is 1-D Array?

Write its syntax with example. It is also called linear array or Vector array. It consist of only one Row and one or more columns. Its elements are accessed with single index loop. DIM is key word used to declare array. Array name is valid name similar to variable name.

Size is the total number of elements which are contained in array. It is a positive integer value.

Download 10th Class Computer Science Book

What is 2-D Array? Write its syntax with example Ans: It is also called table or matrix. It consists of many Rows and many columns. Its elements are accessed with double index nested loop.

10th Class Computer Science Book

Row is the size of rows and Column is size of columns contained in array. These are positive integer values. It has 2 indices Row and Column What is meant by DIM statement? DIM is a key word.

DIM stands for Dimension. It is used as a statement to declare an array which has maximum size greater than 10 elements.

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But array with size greater than 10 will be declared using this statement. We can also declare more than one arrays in one statement. Unsubscripted variable Simple variable is a variable which can store only single value. It can occupy space any where in memory.

Subscripted variable Array is a variable which can store multiple values of same data type. Its elements occupy consecutive space in memory. What is manipulation of arrays? Manipulation means Operations on array.

At the same time, there are many students, whom computer really sucks, hence, they opt Biology subject. Computer book of 10th class explains basics of computer science, which is continuity of 9th class computer course. Sometime a task that seems easy or tough, that actually needs a lot of practice and hard work. Therefore, in order secure high marks in your Computer subject, you must prepare it very well. How to get high marks in your Computer paper?

We have complete solution for securing excellent marks in this subject. Thoroughly check paper pattern, scheme of study, past papers, right neat and clean without cutting or crossing your words or sentences.

Try to convince your paper checker that you are the best. You can find excellent study notes for 10th class all subjects. We provide complete, comprehensive and easy to understand notes for 9th class, free of cost.I like what I see so now i'm following you.

All mcqs are well organized and updated to hone your skills. What are necessary things for file handling? What are its types? Computer book of 10th class explains basics of Computer science, which is continuity of 9th class Computer course. I am glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Its parameters are x, y co-ordinates of starting and ending points.

Just tell us the place and our specialists figure out all the pros and cons and all will be communicated to you as well. Ans: This function is used to obtain an integer value by simply dropping of the decimal part.

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