The P-touch Address Book is a software program for creating a computer based address book and printing durable pre-sized labels without using P-touch Editor. MB. P-touch Address Book This is contact management software that can send data to P-touch machines, and create address and visitor labels easily. Open an Internet browser and browse to the following link: lyatrusavquoper.cfr. com/g/b/ 2. Type your model.

Brother P Touch Address Book Mac

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Open the PTouch Editor application. 2. Click File menu, Database, Address Book. 3. After the Address Book was imported successfully. 4. Click Database menu. Brother QL Manual Online: How To Use The P-touch Address Book, Starting The P-touch Address Book. This Section Describes The Procedure For. The P-touch® Address Book is a perfect tool for creating a database of contact names for users who do not already have a current contact management tool or.

The Dymo Turbo , at Even if mailing labels aren't the type of labels you'll be printing on the QL, these numbers can give you an idea how fast each of these machines print. However, they don't really tell you how fast they print, say, name badges with logos or photos of faces on them.

I clocked several label types with varying content, but reporting them here probably wouldn't be all that helpful.

In any case, it took the QL 7 seconds to print a red-and-black, 2.

As for overall print quality, the labels I printed came out with good-looking, well-shaped, highly legible text at sizes ranging from 6 to points and beyond. I did, however, notice some slight banding in large areas of red, especially large red letters.

But then you can't expect masterpieces on thermal printers like these, and it certainly wasn't bad enough to make the labels look unprofessional. Running Costs No matter which of the series models you choose, you'll pay the same, on a per-label basis, for the labels themselves.

As mentioned, Brother offers around 25 different label types. Those 1. File folder labels run about 4. Once we recorded the amount of presses for a multitude of categories we then compared them to each other.

On top of that we rated how well the software was formatted, how easy it was to maneuver through and do any particular task without having to refer to the user-manual that you will probably throw away with the box it came in.

So the combination of the subjective inferences and objective efficiencies is what resulted in our overall rating on the ease of use.

Versatility The versatility of the label maker refers to how many different tasks it can be used for. For this category we took into consideration nearly every aspect of the fonts and tapes possible, including the amount of lines, sizes, types, widths, colors and symbols.

We basically measured how many different things the label maker could do. This will become easier to see once you look at the charts. Cost-efficiency and refills The way we determined cost-efficiency was to find cost per label.

Wireless Label Printers

We used standard labels of both half inch and full inch widths when applicable. And because there is no set length of tape we calculated an average cost of 10 feet of the standard label tape.

We then made labels using two inches of words the length from first letter to the last was two inches with each label maker to incorporate the wasted tape.

Integrating the amount of unused tape we were able to calculate the total amount of labels that would be produced with the 10 feet of tape. So, using the cost of the tape and the total length of tape wasted per label, we determined the cost per label.

We also looked at the chain-printing ability on some that drastically decreased the cost per label by over a third! Chain-printing is used when you need the same label printed multiple times. The label maker will print your desired number in a row, without giving you time to manually cut the tape.

Quality of labels The quality of the labels is based primarily on their stickiness and durability. We evaluated both these qualities by putting all the standard white labels, of equal lengths, on surfaces for which they would most likely be used. These surfaces included plastic for Tupperware and containers, glass for spices, cardboard for shipping boxes and paper for folders and letters.

Brother P-touch Address Book 1.1

We used both flat and curved surfaces when appropriate. We then conducted a general sight test to see if any of the labels lifted on their own. After that we put some Tupperware in the freezer for two weeks to see how they held up.

Next we put the Tupperware and glassware into both the microwave and dishwasher. We microwaved them for a total of 10 minutes each and ran the dishwasher five separate times after they were fully cooled.

For the labels used on the cardboard and paper we looked at how much material was taken off with the label as a more objective testament to its stickability. Best overall: Brother — PT-D This is where it all comes together, where the versatility, user-friendliness and overall quality of the label maker meet. When you want to be able to print right then and there, on the spot, or import a custom symbol or picture from the internet or your phone the label maker that can do both is paramount.

Top Pick: Brother P-touch - PT-D The Brother PT-D is the hybrid of a handheld and computer-compatible label maker that allows you to use up to six different tape widths and import images and symbols printing with the best resolution of dots per inch. See Price on site In deciding the best overall label maker we looked at what could be done, how easy it could be done and how well it was done.

It has an incredible amount of symbols within its program and can almost double the amount of lines per label as compared to the next best. At first it seemed a bit big and clunky, which makes it more of a hassle to move around compared to the others, but after putting it to use the size was forgotten. It has a great chain printing function which reduces the cost of two inches of words to seven cents per label.

The PT-D can store 99 labels inside it and is computer-compatible both PC and Mac which makes its storage essentially limitless. It prints barcodes and has the highest resolution at dots per inch DPI when printing from the computer.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

One of our favorite features is the quality of the print preview, there is no mistaking what you are about to print. It is clear and very well backlit. Also there is a great home page from which to navigate where there are a very good amount of templates to choose from that you would actually use!

This Brother PT-D ended up with one of the highest scores on our user-friendliness as it was beyond easy to navigate through. Another cool feature specific to this label maker was the automatic cutting. In order to get a label from all of the other label makers you had to push down a button to manually cut the label. Obviously this is not too big of a deal, but nonetheless it is still pretty cool and worth a mention. Key takeaways: The handheld and computer-compatible Brother — P-touch PT-D is the most versatile label maker as it has wide-ranging capacities on the machine itself, like plus symbols and six different tape widths, and can be connected to a PC or Mac where you can import images and symbols to customize your labels as you like.

Its print preview function is the best out there. There is a wide screen that has a white backlight allowing you to see what you are trying to print before you do. The interface is very clear and provides the user with an easy-to-maneuver main menu where files and templates can be simply accessed.

It has a great automatic chain-printing function that cuts down the cost per label to around seven cents and contains a more-than-necessary 99 labels in storage.

How to start and use the Address Book: For details on the procedure of creating labels, please refer to [ P-touch Address Book Help ] that can be opened from [ Help ] on the menu bar. Use [ Label Creation Outline ] and [ How to ] sections as guides. If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs?

Have you checked the manuals? Go to the Manuals section. If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service: Go to the Contact Us section. To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below.I clocked several label types with varying content, but reporting them here probably wouldn't be all that helpful. We basically measured how many different things the label maker could do. Screen legibility: A huge part of the label-making process is the preview of the print.

Which countries install it? Improve visitor management with highly visible black and red ID badges printed on our two-colour continuous roll, and highlight dates, times, access areas and fire points.

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