Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Pandey, J. N. (Jai Narain); Format: Book; xxxv, p. ; 23 cm. This book is the highest selling textbook on the constitutional Law of India. Pandey and published by Central Law. On Constitutional Law. Constitutional Law of India/J.N. Pandey Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. The nature of the Indian Constitution. 3. Salient features of the Indian.

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In that case I would suggest you to ready Constitution Law of India by J.N Pandey ! [Latest Edition*] DD Basu Constitution Of India PDF: Free Download. This book is the highest selling textbook on the constitutional Law of India. It is useful for students of BSL, LL.B and other courses/ It has been compil;ed by Dr. Constitutional Law Of India By J N Pandey Pdf Free. June 27, Download Free Apocalipsis San Juan Pdf Software. July 1, Please reload. HOME.

In this case the Court upheld the conviction of a book seller who was prosecuted under Section , I. The standard of morality varies from time to time and from place to place.

Constitutional Law of India

Contempt of court: The constitutional right to freedom of speech would not allow a person to contempt the courts. The term contempt of court refers to civil contempt or criminal contempt under the Act.

But judges do not have any general immunity from criticism of their judicial conduct, provided that it is made in good faith and is genuine criticism, and not any attempt to impair the administration of justice. Angelic judges would be undisturbed by extraneous influences and angelic journalists would not seek to influence them.

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The power to punish for contempt, as a means of safeguarding judges in deciding on behalf of the community as impartially as is given to the lot of men to decide, is not a privilege accorded to judges. The power to punish for contempt of court is a safeguard not for judges as persons but for the function which they exercise".

Namboodripad v. Namboodripad guilty of contempt of court. Parashar v.

But the Court dismissed the petition for want of proof. Defamation: The clause 2 of Article 19 prevents any person from making any statement that injures the reputation of another. With the same view, defamation has been criminalised in India by inserting it into Section of the I.

Even if a person has spoken the truth, he can be prosecuted for defamation. The Constitution also prohibits a person from making any statement that incites people to commit offense. Sovereignty and integrity of India: This ground was also added subsequently by the Constitution Sixteenth Amendment Act, This is aimed to prohibit anyone from making statements that challenge the integrity and sovereignty of India.

Practical constraints and curtailments[ edit ] Freedom of speech and expression , which enable an individual to participate in public activities. The phrase, " freedom of press " has not been used in Article 19, though freedom activists, as well as most scholars and industrialised jurisdictions throughout the world recognise that freedom of expression includes freedom of press.

Reasonable restrictions can be imposed in the interest of public order, security of State, decency or morality. According to the estimates of Reporters Without Borders , India ranks th worldwide in press freedom index press freedom index for India is However this right is subject to restrictions under subclause 2 , whereby this freedom can be restricted for reasons of " sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, preserving decency, preserving morality, in relation to contempt of court, defamation , or incitement to an offence".

Under POTA, person could be detained for up to six months before the police were required to bring charges on allegations for terrorism-related offences.

Central Law Agency's Constitutional Law of India by Dr. J. N. Pandey

For the first half-century of independence, media control by the state was the major constraint on press freedom. Indira Gandhi famously stated in that All India Radio is "a Government organ, it is going to remain a Government organ M O'Cracy beloved husband of T.

Ruth, father of L. Bertie, brother of Faith, Hope and Justica expired on 26 June".

Citizenship articles 5 Fundamental rights general articles 12 Right to equality articles 14 Right to freedom articles 19 Protection in respect of conviction for offences article Protection of life and personal liberty article Safeguards against arbitrary arrest and detention article Right against exploitation articles 23 Right to freedom of religion articles 25 Cultural and educational rights articles 29 Saving of certain laws articles 31A 31C. Right to constitutional remedies articles 21 Directive principles of state policy articles 36 Fundamental duties articles 51A.

The Parliament articles 79 The state executive articles The state legislature articles The state Judiciary articles Privilege of the legislature articles The Union Territories and tribal areas articles A.

Panchayats and Municipalities articles ZG.

Relations between the union and the states articles The state liabiIity articles Right to property articles A. Freedom of trade commerce and intercourse articles Services under the union and states articles Tribunals articles A B.

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Elections articles A. Special provisions relating to certain classes articles Official language articles Special provisions relating to Jammu and Kashmir. The emergency provisions articles The amendment of the constitution article Constitutional amendments. Bookseller Inventory Ask Seller a Question.

Bibliographic Details Title: Constitutional Law of India Publisher:It is true our Constitution does not expressly declare a right to privacy as a fundamental right but the said right is an essential ingredient of personal liberty. If anyone increases his volume of speech and that too with the assistance of artificial devices so as to compulsorily expose unwilling persons to hear a noise raised to unpleasant or obnoxious levels then the person speaking is violating the right of others to a peaceful, comfortable and pollution-free life guaranteed by Article Right to privacy and subjecting a person to medical tests It is well settled that the right to privacy is not treated as absolute and is subject to such action as may be lawfully taken for the prevention of crimes or disorder or protection of health or morals or protection of rights and freedom of others.

Special provisions relating to Jammu and Kashmir.

State of Bihar [lxxxvii] , the Supreme Court directed the Judges of the High Courts to give quick judgments and in certain circumstances, the parties are to submit an application to the Chief Justice to move the case to other bench or to do the needful at his discretion.

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