The new Secrets of the Ancients campaign is based on the Classic Traveller Adventure #12, Secret of the Ancients. understanding, clash with secret factions within the or the retread by Mongoose Publishing can also be useful. Secrets of the Ancients - A complete campaign of truly epic proportions, Secrets of the Ancients takes a core theme from the original Traveller, a. Mongoose. ADD TO WISHLIST >. Watermarked PDF. $ $ 1 2 3 4. Welcome to Secrets of the Ancients, a completely free, downloadable campaign for 1 · Campaign 1: Secrets of the Ancients PDF · Traveller / Mongoose 1.

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Edition, 1st. Format, Book (PDF) Mongoose Traveller: Secret of the Ancients is an adventure and source book for Mongoose Traveller. Mongoose Traveller - Campaign 1 - Secrets of the Ancients -, , KB. file, Mongoose Traveller - Campaign 1 - Secrets of. The new Secrets of the Ancients campaign is based on the Classic Traveller Traveller (Mongoose 2nd Edition) Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.).

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As the PCs in this adventure will find out, that is not the case. It seems to be rather alien to me pardon the pun, if it is a pun , to run Traveller like this.

So I have to be ready to accept the fact that there may very well have been all kinds of people playing Traveller who absolutely did want to have pre-made and directed adventures of this sort, and though it seems totally contrary to everything I know about running or playing Traveller, it may not be so to others.

If run as part of an ongoing campaign, the usability of the adventure as-written will depend on the party having a ship.

This sort of situation ends up becoming a recurring problem in this book.

5602 Traveller - [A12] Secret of the Ancients

In another example, the campaign depends on at least one of the PCs having a personal connection to a very important NPC for the plot; so again this has to be shoehorned in there in an ongoing game. In turn, the PCs are supposed to go investigate this connection to the Ancients, and they end up getting caught up a fantastic discovery that also puts the into the middle of a huge conflict relating to the Ancients.

Now, again, I have some issues with this situation. And the way the book keeps resolving this is what in my opinion seems rather heavy-handed.

The adventure is not particularly open-ended in terms of what can happen when or what the PCs can do. In one part, the only option to continue the adventure when the PCs are being chased by the authorities is for the PCs to willingly fly their starship into the gravity well of a gas giant; any other option taken by the party will basically stop the whole plotline of the campaign.

So this, so far, is what you could say are the bad points of the product.

What about the good points? Well, for starters, the adventure itself is tremendously interesting.

It moves somewhat beyond the standard gritty-hard sci-fi of your average Traveller adventures, into something more epic, while at the same time without totally abandoning the feel of the setting. Its pretty cerebral sci-fi, in other words.

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Mongoose Traveller: Secret of the Ancients

Do people come to investigate the Portal site? Last edited by MrBackman; at Like that adventure, this campaign delves into the dark past of the Third Imperium setting , and the legacy of a race of incredibly advanced and powerful aliens. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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