QUESTIONS. REAL TIME INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Thanks For downloading This PHP INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Book. This book hidden features like you can image for games, create files, GTK . PHP Faqs PDF Download Last week I met one of my old friend. He want to know the job opportunities in PHP. He had done a course in PHP from one local. PHP Interview questions: PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source server- side scripting Download Core PHP Interview Questions PDF.

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PHP Interview Questions. Add Your PHP Question. Download PDF. Also Read MySql Interview questions. Which is the latest version of PHP. 2. Contains Important PHP Interview Questions with Answers and PHP FAQs helpful Pdf | PHP Technical Questions and Answers | PHP Programming Interview. Advanced PHP_ PHP Interview Questions and - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

A static website is one that is written in HTML only. Each page is a separate document and there is no database that it draws on.

What this means functionally is that the only way to edit the site is to go into each page and edit the HTML - So you would have to do it yourself using a web page editor such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver, or pay your web developer to make updates for you.

A dynamic website is created by webdevelopers who are strong in ASP.

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This website pages contains data is retrieved from certain database. Each time the viewer entering a page, the contents of that page is retrieved from the database.


The administrator can change the content and images from admin panel. This is one that changes or customizes itself frequently and automatically.

This license allows modifications and derived works, and allows us to be distributed under the same terms as the license of the original software.

PHP has full access to the information that the server has, and very little access to information that the client has. In fact, it only has information that the client tells the server and that the server passes on to PHP.

Because it is on the server, however, PHP cannot be modified by the client. While you cannot necessarily trust the information that the client gives to PHP, you can trust that your PHP is doing what you told it to do.

Because PHP is on the server end, your PHP scripts can affect your server -- such as by keeping an activity log or updating a database. One of the main reasons that businesses choose PHP is its simplicity and ease of use.

Further, some languages require a moderate amount of programming background before a developer can get up to speed in development.

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With PHP, however, even non-programmers have been able to develop web-based solutions within a matter of days after going through the basic tutorials on PHP. PHP commands are simply embedded into the same web page with HTML commands, and execute on the server to deliver the web pages to the user. Java is another example of such a setup. What is a PHP File?

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Files with. Code between the php script tags i. A web browser understands only HTML language. Tell how PHP sends output to Browser?

OR How a file is processed when it sends output to browser? It works in below way 1. Call PHP Files.

PHP Scripts are loaded into memory and compiled into Zend opcode. These opcodes are executed and the HTML generated.

What are sessions in PHP? Sessions are way of storing user information with specific unique ID across multiple pages. They are stored in server and have specific set values as defined. What are cookies in PHP?

Cookies are the files that are used to identify user via Server. What are arrays in PHP? Arrays in PHP are defined as data structure which can hold multiple values within one single variable.

What are different types of errors in PHP? There are three basic types of errors in PHP which are described below: 1.

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Not shown to user at all. Warnings: These warnings can be seen by users but still not result in script termination. Fatal errors: These are critical errors which can terminate the whole function altogether Q What is use of count function in PHP?The controller handles data passed to it by the view and also passes data to the view. Once the Web server received the uploaded file, it will call the PHP script specified in the form action attribute to process them.

What is the meaning of hypertext preprocessor?

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Zend Engine 3 performance improvements and bit integer support on Windows uniform variable syntax AST-based compilation process added Closure:: Print a message "The email cannot be empty" in this case. What is the use of Mbstring?

To avoid this, and get a properly formatted string, it"s worth using strtolower first.

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