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So a mate told me WHTW is based from 8th Edition army books. of Chaos 7th, Daemons of Chaos 8th, Beatsmen 7th, High Elves 8th, Ogre .. all their old rulebooks available in a high quality PDF set, and everyone's go to. 1 Why Play High Elves; 2 Army Rules; 3 Unit Analysis . Since Bow of the Seafarer was removed in 8th edition you can no longer kit out a Prince to be a .. Well you see, in the High Elves book, there are three primary Special options and . This book has 96 full color pages. It has the rules and background for every High Elf unit. There is a section with painted High Elf miniatures. There is also a.

It was a gift from the Everqueen to Tyrion that protects against evil magic. It is said that it also grants the bearer the power to cheat death. In addition, the first time Tyrion is killed, the Heart of Avelorn returns him to life with D3 Wounds.

When this happens do not remove him as a casualty, simply leave him where he is and note the D3 Wounds on his profile. The Boon of Isha: The Everqueen is able to harness the power of Isha that flows throughout the world, and focus it to invigorate the pure of heart. All of the units attacks also count as magical for that phase. Chaos Bane: Alarielle radiates harmony and order, her power is that of Isha herself.

All that is Chaos is anathema to her.

Daemons which approach her feel this power. It dissolves the magic that binds them together and holds them to the mortal plain.

They feel their energies dissipate and the Realm of Chaos draw them back to mindless oblivion. Any Daemon model or unit within 6 of Alarielle at the start of the Magic phase suffers D6 Strength 5 hits, which count as magical attacks and allow no saves of any kind. In addition, any Daemons of Chaos, Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen, Vampire Counts or Skaven model that is in base contact with Alarielle or her unit at the start of the Magic phase must roll a D6 for each magic item they have, on a roll of 6 the item is destroyed and cannot be used for the remainder of the game.

Touch of the Everqueen: The Everqueen is the embodiment of harmony and peace, she abhors violence and would not harm a soul. Though at her merest touch, her would be assailants find themselves momentarily incapable of fighting, dazzled by the will of Isha. Alarielle has the Always Strike First special rule, but will still hit first even if the enemy also has Always Strike First. Also, if she hits her target, no To Wound roll is made, instead the model may not attack that turn and any other models attacking it hit automatically that phase.

In the case of a split profile model such as a Chariot, ridden Monster or War Machine , use the highest Weapon Skill, but if she hits, the entire model is affected. Handmaidens of the Everqueen: The Handmaidens of the Everqueen are not mere courtiers and attendants, but an elite warrior guard whose duty is to serve and protect their mistress.

It is an incomparable honour to serve the Everqueen and only those with great natural gifts are chosen, the most talented singers and musicians, the most beautiful, the fleetest and most graceful, but above all the most loyal.

If you field Alarielle in your army, you must include at least one unit of Maidenguard of Avelorn, which must have both the Horn of Isha and the Sacred Banner of Avelorn This unit counts in all respects, as Alarielles Handmaidens.

Alarielle must set up with her Handmaidens and she will not voluntarily leave them, the whole unit gains the Unbreakable special rule while Alarielle is with the unit. In addition, if Alarielle is ever killed, all units of Maidenguard suffer from the Hatred special rule see page 9.

This ancient heirloom absorbs the magic that flows through the land and gathers it up, enabling Alarielle to direct it as she wishes.

In ancient times the Stave accomplished great deeds of sorcery. Today its power is diminished because so much of the magic of Avelorn is drained away by the Vortex created during the great Chaos War. None-the-less it remains a potent reminder of the days when Elven mages bestrode the world like colossi and all nature bent to their will. Once per Magic phase, Alarielle may cast one of her spells like a Bound spell.

This can be a spell she has already cast during this turn and has a power level of 2. Shieldstone of Isha Enchanted item Upon her breast Alarielle wears a gem of unsurpassable workmanship.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/High Elves

This is the Shieldstone of Isha, as old as Ulthuan herself and pulsing with inner energies. It is magically attuned to the Everqueens aura and only she may release the magical power it contains. The stone wards away harm from the pure-hearted, deflecting blows and dashing arrows to the ground. Star of Avelorn Enchanted Item About her brow the Everqueen wears a light diadem of Ithilmar in which is set a single radiant gem, which Aenarion gave in tryst to Astarielle.

This is no ordinary gem, but is said to be a star taken from the heavens by Isha and bound within a magical crystal. At the start of the High Elf turn, Alarielle may attempt to heal a wounded High Elf character within If there are no wounded characters within range, she may use the Star to heal herself. Ascended Asur Magistry: Teclis is a mage of prodigious power, able to stand against any other wizard in the world.

Teclis has the Asur Magistry special rule. In addition, he is not bound by the effects of Not Enough Power! Similarly when dispelling, it is not an automatic failure when the natural dice total equals 3 or less, just like with Not Enough Power!. High Loremaster: Teclis is the most powerful mage in this age of the world. He is master of the foremost mages of the High Elves and has studied in their libraries for countless human lifetimes. Teclis may use more than six Power Dice when casting spells, and may dispel an enemys spell that is cast with Irresistible Force if his dispel attempt is also an Irresistible Force.

He chooses to re-roll the 2, 2 and the 1, giving him a 5, 3 and 1, for a new total of He may then also re-roll any dice that fail to wound any models in the unit. This may cause or prevent a spell being cast with Irresistible Force and may cause a dispel attempt to be made with Irresistible Force in the same way. Teclis Channelling attempts succeed on a roll of 4, 5 or 6, instead of the usual 6. Armour saves cannot be taken against wounds caused by it either. This power flows through Teclis, invigorating his feeble frame and filling him with magical energy.

These dice may be added at any time during the Magic phase, and also count as Teclis Channelling attempt. Scroll of Hoeth Arcane Item Though clearly ancient and fragile, this well-worn heirloom has seen a thousand battles and will see many more.

One use only. When an enemy Wizard casts a spell, Teclis may use the scroll in the same way as a Dispel Scroll with the same effect. In addition, both Teclis and the caster roll a D6 and add their respective Leadership values, if Teclis scores higher, the spell is removed from the casters mind and may not be used for the remainder of the game. It enables Teclis to unleash his full magical potential in battle. It is seldom seen outside the walls of the White Tower unless in times of peril.

It was gifted to Teclis by the former High Loremaster on the eve of the young mages departure on the quest to find his brother, Tyrion. Glamour of Hoeth: Belannaer is surrounded by a shimmering magic that confuses and disorientates, so deeply is the old Loremaster imbued with magic.

Enemies find it inexplicably hard to judge the distance to their foe, seeing their targets receding before their eyes. Any unit wishing to charge Belannaer or any unit he joins, must roll 2D6 and subtract the difference between the two dice scores from their total charge distance ie; if the two dice scores are 2 and 5, subtract 3 from their total charge distance. If the unit has insufficient movement to reach him or his unit, it counts as having failed its charge like normal.

You must also include at least one unit of Swordmasters in your army when you field Belannaer. The Blade of BelKorhadris is usually attached the highest pinnacle of the Tower of Hoeth, where the setting sun catches its tip at the hour of Dragon. The magic of the blade catches and entraps the rays of the sun and makes the sword blaze throughout the night.

When the Swordmasters go to war, Belannaer takes the sword with him and vows to use it only for good, faithful to the principles of the great Scholar-King. This Blade bestows the Flaming Attacks special rule and allows no Armour saves to be taken against Wounds caused by it. In addition, once per battle during a single Close Combat phase, Belannaer can fight with an additional D6 Attacks.

Cloak of Stars Talisman The Cloak of Stars is thickly woven with enchantments, sapping the power of blows struck against it. Book of the Phoenix Enchanted Item The Book of the Phoenix tells the ancient legend of Asuryan, an allegorical story of the fate of all civilizations, of birth, growth, glory, decline and eventual destruction.

When used, the book endows Belannaer with one of the following effects. The effect lasts for the entire game, even if the Book is destroyed. Verse of Rebirth: The first time Belannaer is killed; all models in base contact with him suffer a Strength 5 hit with the Flaming Attacks special rule. He is then returned to life with 1 Wound.

When this happens, he may be placed in any friendly High Elf unit on the battlefield. Warhammer Fantasy Armies. Warhammer Fantasy Battle — Armybook. ENG — 7th Edition Rulebook. Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves Armybook 7th ed.. Beasts of Chaos. Vampire Counts, Warhammer Fantasy Armies,. If the Dark Elves willingly reveal and teach Nagash all they know.

Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts 7th Edition.. Warhammer Fantasy Battle — Armybook — High.. Uploaded by Andrea. Warhammer Fantasy Battles Armybook — Beastmen — 7th.. MidwayUSA is a privately held American retailer of various hunting and outdoor-related products.. The 8th ed ravening hordes for empire and high elves ;. Handmaidens of tje everqueen lost their quick to fire? They should have it for 21pts light infantry.

Awesome work. I love it!!!

No worries, I will have those out as soon as I can. People have mostly been requesting the full books to be finished, so that's why that ahve been pushed back a bit: Oh, and I will also fix the Quick to Fire bug, they should still have it.

Other than that absolutely loving the new book, great work! I have considered that, I think on it. Glad you like it!

[Army Book] High Elves.pdf

The Mistweaver do not have a lore attribute as they only use those 3 spells, similar to Lord Kroak who only knows one spell. Should not take too long to finish it, I'll hopefully have it out next month: Consider to remove the arachnid they Really dont fit to the fluff and Style of DE and all monstrous cavalry from elves.

Would make them even more Unique. Lore of metal an geaven for DE!!

Group Admins

I am considering that, yes. What Monstrous cavalry do any of the Elves have though? Well we could have Caledor Drake riders and Chracian White lion riders, units of Eagle riders, Elves riding elemental beings That would be one of my wet dreams. Almost all armies have a unit of monstrous cavalry from 8th edition or Age of Sigmar. While I am not planning on including any of those units in the main book, I don't have an issue making them available in an expansion later: Why not to include Finubar?

He is the actual Phoenix King and Its model is easy to represent. He never had any official rules or model, which is what I have chosen to include in these books. However, I have some unofficial rules available for him that I will publish later: Well, the archers can already choose between those options.

The Spearmen have always been pretty well armoured which is why they have medium armour by default. The archers on the other come with none current plastics , light 4th ed plastics and medium 5th ed metals. They have been changed into the Handmaiden unit instead. The Hero really did not add anything except the Quick to Fire rule to their unit, which the Handmaiden unit have by default.

Isn't the Handmaiden unit just a more elite version of the Sisters though? The fluff also mentions that they only number , which is probably too few to make a unit as opposed to a character. Yes, they are, but there was a whole unit made for them with full command. Even if they only number around , that's still enough to field as a bodyguard in both the game and in the fluff. Hello Mathias Been waiting for this book, even though I don't play high elves. Great work as always. Done my first read-through of the rules and some of the fluff, and here re some thoughts, few mistakes found and so on.

The usual deal pretty much in that sense. People might miss it or consider it just fluff otherwise.

The rules state you can only have one ward save on a character. How does it work if for example Archaon chares and attacks with 10 attacks in practice for example? He is the rediced to beyone 1 wound in a single phase, does he still get the saves and on top of the regular saves as well?

Or does it only start to apply if the Elf survives with one wound left at the end of that phase and also replace his regular ward save?

On a personal note, I did play the game back when tyrion and teclis had this rule the first time around, and I honestly found it to be too powerful a special rule by far. Tyrion coould only be killed if his regiment broke and ran in practical terms.

It didn't make for very good games. That said, I like the fluff of the rule and I think it is a cool idea that whole destiny thing is there, but I'd seriously consider reblancing it and making the rule into something else entirely Nothing in the game can realistically hope to face Tyrion with that rule and the Hart of Averlorn, especialy not if interpreted in the most favourable terms for the high elf player It was never a good rule as it was too begin with tbh and it is aldo complicated in practical terms.

It's such a good rule that that option alone should really increase the cost of the unit I think. I like the fluff of it, but I'd consider nerfing it to re-roll any 1's to wound or something peraps just a re-roll failed roll to wound.

It's just a bit too "super hero" on top of everything else. With the rebalancing of the armour it ust seems more fitting with medium to go with the fluff. If I'm not wrong, doesnt the rulebook state that Magical Resistance is capped at 3? I'm fine with it being 5, but it should perhaps state that it's an exception to the normal rule in the rulebook to avoid confusion.

I find it a bit hard to justify them not having access to some magical items though, perhaps 50 points max and only weapons? They are Elven Lords of the highest caliber after all Normal barding from the BRB states it gives -1 Movement, which ithilmar barding does not. I agree it was probably too good otherwise. My mistake on the barding.

Offcourse the standard barding has the special rule as a default. Heroic Killing Blow for the first round and not against monsters sounds much better yes. Sounds far more balanced.


Here are my reasons for finding that including this option does more harm than good: It sort of undermines the fluff and sort of professional levy system that Ulthian is famous for. Spears aren't more expensive than swords and if you can collect a group of young elves together to fight as a unit, it is hard to justify why they weren't handed a sper or bow more likely if they were untrained to begin with Spears and bows are the signarture hallmark of the High Elf Core, both amongst their greatest strenght, but also arguably one of their few weaknesses.

By adding swordsmen as an option, this is undermined again, and doesn't really set them apart from the Dark Elves any longer. They are supposed to be sort of the least of the High Elves, yet they make a mockery of the Darr Elf Swordmen, with: Comparitively speaking I mean I know you make an effort to include rules for most things that has an old model, but but this is not always a good idea in my opinion, and it becomes hard to really justify it just because someone, somewhere has some old, outdated models he wants to field Such things are better houseruled amongst friends than to be part of an "official" type army book that needs to have some semblance of balance to it when it comes to individual army strengths and weaknesses.

Weaknesses define armies as much as strengths, if not more so, and I'm personally not a fan of filling in every "gap" in an army's weakness just because some fitting model exist somewhere that can do so. Diverse armies makes a game far better. So that's my rant of sorts. I hope you see that it comes from a well, meaning place Mathias and that I still think the rest of the book is very well done indeed.

Very impressive work.

Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th Edition

The Warriors are meant to represent less organised troops, like Cothique Mariners and such, where spears are harder to use. Well, Dark Elves just got their Bleakswords added in their last addition, before that HE and DE had pretty much the same troop types in core.

Statswise they are same, and they can act as the HE version of Corsairs with skirmish and two hand weapons. So DE have core troops with equal abilities and weapons. I am considering adding back AP to the repeater crossbows though.

I hear you, and I do skip the inclusion of some really old models. However, pretty much everything from 4th ed and up I would like to see available in the books. Is there are anything in particular that you do not think should be included that has been suggested so far?

I have no problem with what they re supposed to represent Mathias, but you can make the same kind of argument for just about every army list when you think about it. A similar "fighting man, yet not part of the proper army" kind of argument can be made for every sentient race really.

It doesn't mean that it is a good fit for the army book of that race regardless. They on't have to be the same with the HE's always being superior.While I am not planning on including any of those units in the main book, I don't have an issue making them available in an expansion later: Units with Immunity Ice Attacks are unaffected by this rule. What if you decide to combo charge with your Spears and Sword Masters on the flank so you can use your magic elsewhere?

Dragonhorn Enchanted Item This war horn was made from the horn of an ancient Dragon. Bladelord Tiranoc Chariot. ENG — 7th Edition Rulebook. Sun Dragon points.

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