Treasures of the Snow book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A story of vicious revenge and hard repentanceAnnette and. Treasures of the Snow (Patricia St John Series) [Patricia St. John] on site. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A story of vicious revenge and hard. Movies & TV New Releases Best Sellers Deals Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD TV Shows Kids & Family Anime All Genres Prime Video Your Video Library. This item:Treasures of the Snow - A Story of Friendship and Forgiveness DVD $ Treasures of the Snow (Patricia St John Series) by Patricia St.

Treasures Of The Snow Book

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Treasures of the Snow is a children's story book by Patricia St. John. Originally published by CSSM in , it has been reprinted over a dozen times by various . Treasures of the Snow by Patricia St John, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Description. Treasures of the Snow is a book written by Patricia St John. It is set in Switzerland in about , and is centered on one boys mistake. The story.

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The Story Behind the Stories. When Annette gets Lucien in trouble at school, he threatens her little brother, Dani. But tragedy strikes and Dani is crippled. Annette is so filled with rage that she sets out to hurt Lucien at every turn.

Treasures Of The Snow

Will their quarrel ever end? A classic read-aloud story about repentance and forgiveness.

Ages 5 to 8. John Format: Paperback Number of Pages: Moody Publishers Publication Date: Related Products. Secret at Pheasant Cottage Patricia St. Where the River Begins Patricia St. Star of Light Patricia St. Working hard around the home and farm helps him stop brooding for a while, and his mother praises him for this while his sister becomes kinder to him. But his real solace is to climb to the woods and spend time alone, carving little figures out of wood, which he finds he has a real talent for.

Here he meets and makes friends with an old man who lives alone in a tiny chalet high above the village, whose only income comes from selling his own woodcarvings.

ISBN 13: 9780802400086

He mentors Lucien and let him use his woodcarving tools, helping him improve his skills. He also confides in Lucien his life story.

As a young man he had been happily married with two young sons and a good job in a bank, but then got into bad company and became addicted to alcohol and gambling.

To pay the family's debts he stole from the bank and ended up in prison. His wife died, but his sons were adopted by their grandparents and became very successful. When he got out of prison, he did not want his sons' futures jeopardised by being associated with a criminal, so let them assume he was dead.

Treasures of the Snow - Book

He had lived alone on the mountain for many years and saved a lot of money from the beautiful woodcarvings he sold, similar to the amount he had stolen. He could not repay the people he had stolen from, since he did not know who they were, but his hope was that instead he might be able to use the money to help someone in need. Lucien is constantly burdened by the guilt of what he had done to Dani, but Annette's hatred towards him makes it impossible for him to do anything to try and right it.

He carves a Noah's Ark full of little animals for Dani, but Annette simply throws it on the woodpile when he tries to deliver it. Lucien also decides to enter one of his carvings for the hand-craft competition at school, but shortly before the competition Annette secretly smashes the carved horse out of spite, but goes on to wins the girls' competition while a boy named Pierre won the boys'.

Because of their guilt and bitterness, neither Annette nor Lucien can find peace of mind or happiness. One night Annette goes out for a walk alone, slips on ice and sprains her ankle very badly.

She struggles to the nearest chalet but the owners were away and being unable to walk, finds herself in danger of freezing to death. To her relief Lucien skis past while on his way home from visiting his old friend. She calls for help and he gives her his cloak while he goes home to fetch a sledge.

When he returns, Annette confesses to him about breaking his carved horse, but instead of being angry Lucien forgives her and takes her home on the sledge, where Annette invites him in. Later Annette confesses to the schoolmaster, and they agree that he should present her prize to Lucien.

The enmity is over, but Lucien still feels troubled with guilt about Dani's disability. One evening Lucien's sister, who commutes by train to work in a hotel in the nearest town, comes home with a generous tip from a famous orthopaedic surgeon , Monsieur Givet, who is staying at the hotel. Intrigued, Lucien asks whether he can make Dani better, but is told the doctor is leaving the hotel for home early the next morning, and that his fees are far too expensive.

Undeterred, Lucien creeps out of the house that night in a blizzard and goes to talk with his friend the old man, telling him about Monsieur Givet and that he might be able to cure Dani.

The old man gives Lucien a sock full of banknotes to pay for the treatment, but makes him promise to not tell the doctor where the money was obtained, telling Lucien "Just tell him that it is the payment of a debt. Monsieur Givet goes with Lucien to visit Dani, and offers to treat him in his hospital. But before he leaves the village, he asks Lucien's sister where the old man lived that Lucien knew, and goes to visit him.

He recognises the old man as his father and invites him to come home after telling him how much he had missed him. Annette goes with Dani to stay in the hospital. His fractured leg is re-broken and set properly, and Dani returns home able to walk and run like any little boy. Everybody is reunited with each other as spring arrives.Lucien is first seen as the bully, but he is remorseful and works to change as well as make amends. Related Products.

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My children loved this book, and I loved reading it to them. Off it went to the cleaners where it remained for several months. She never married, but worked alongside her brother.

A story of vicious revenge and hard repentance Annette and Lucien are enemies. Refresh and try again.

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