ELK-M1XEP. Ethernet Interface. INSTALLATION. MANUAL. Voice. Fax lyatrusavquoper.cf email: [email protected] View and Download Elk -M1XEP installation manual online. Ethernet Interface; Ethernet Device Server with a RS Serial Port Interface. ELK-M1XEP Network . The first box tells you the version of Elk-RP software you have. 3. The next screen You would click on this button to find and setup the Elk-M1XEP. 5. On the left.

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Ness Corporation – Firmware update release note – M1XEP to Version . to help Elk Tech Support in troubleshooting M1XEP installations. automation market, ELK offers an integrated approach that delivers full featured and The ELK-M1XEP Ethernet interface allow M1 controls to be connected. even emails can be obtained through the web, all without the necessity of an ELK . M1XEP Ethernet interface. But, if you do have an Ethernet Interface it can be.

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I am using the below circuit but my code is not working. Indicates that the zone is normal or secure Indicates Zone is violated or not secure Indicates zone is bypassed Each page displays up to 12 zones at a time. If the system has more than 12 zones, a navigation bar will appear at the bottom of the screen to allow additional pages of zones to be accessed. Event Log Button: Click this button to access the event log Figure 9 which contains security and system event information such as arming, disarming, zone bypassing, alarms, troubles, etc.

Figure 9. Event Log Page The event log displays information for each event including the date and time the event occurred and a description of the event.

You can view the newest 20 events or the entire log by clicking the corresponding button. The event log can be saved by clicking the Save button in the center. This saves the log as a. To return to the Security screen, click the Back button in the lower left corner. To return to the Home screen, click the Home button in the lower right corner. Figure Lighting Page Lights can be controlled using the Light buttons and the sliders. Click on the Light button to turn the light on and off.

Not all light formats support the use of the sliders. Support of lighting sliders is determined by available features of the lighting system as well as M1 system configuration.

Each page displays up to eight lights at a time. If the system has more than eight lights, a navigation bar will appear at the bottom of the screen to allow additional pages of lights to be accessed.

Ethernet Interface

The current state of the light may not always be accurate, particularly when there are other controllers or automation devices installed or the lighting devices do not provide the status. The Climate pages allow you to control thermostats connected to the system and view the current temperature of the keypads and temperature sensors connected to the system. Temperatures may be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius as determined by M1 system configuration.

Thermostat Page If thermostats are programmed in the system, the Thermostat page Figure 11 will be displayed when the Climate button is pressed. Thermostat Page The current temperature at the thermostat is displayed in the center of the page.

Selecting Thermostats: A navigation bar at the top of the screen allows additional thermostats to be accessed. Heating Setpoint: Use the up and down arrows to adjust the Heating setpoint. The current setpoint is displayed between the up and down buttons. Cooling Setpoint: Use the up and down arrows to adjust the Cooling setpoint.

Hold: This button allows you to turn the Hold setting On or Off. Fan: This button allows you to change the fan setting to Manual or Auto. Page 16 of 21 17 Sensors If you have other temperature sensors attached to your system, click on the sensors button at the top of the page.

Ness/ELK M1 Levels & percentages bug.

This will display the current temperature of all the keypads and temperature sensors connected to the system Figure The system can have a maximum of 16 keypad and 16 temperature probes. This page allows you to activate tasks that have been programmed in the system. Up to twelve tasks are displayed on each page. Tasks Page If the system has more than twelve tasks, a navigation bar will appear at the bottom of the screen to allow additional pages to be accessed.

To activate a task, simply click the button of the task you want to activate.

Outputs Page An output can be turned on or off by clicking the button beside the output name. The button will be illuminated when the output is on. Each page displays twelve outputs at a time.

If the system has more than twelve outputs, a navigation bar will appear at the bottom of the screen to allow additional pages of outputs to be accessed. Each Custom Settings page allows you to make adjustments to up to twelve custom settings programmed into the system.

Custom settings are used to make adjustments to certain aspects of the way your system is programmed. For instance, you may want to adjust the time that the lights or sprinklers come on, or how long they stay on. Custom Settings page Each page displays up to twelve custom settings at a time.

If the system has more than twelve custom settings, a navigation bar will appear at the bottom of the screen to allow additional pages of custom settings to be accessed. The Custom Settings pages display the current setting to the right of the custom setting name.

To make an adjustment to a custom setting click on the button next to the custom setting name.

Elk Products ELK-M1XEP Manuals

This will display a page for that setting Figure Use the number pad to make the desired adjustment to the setting. A custom setting may be a timer, a time of day, or a number.

If the setting is a time of day, this page will allow you to choose a different time of day in the 12 hr. If the setting is a number, this page will allow you to enter a number between 0 and 65, Page 20 of 21 Figure Custom Setting Adjustment page 21 Page 21 of Page 18 "Always trust content from this publisher" option.

Next, the "Please Wait" screen will appear.

This will disappear once a secure SSL bit encrypted connection has been established. This may take several seconds. Page 19 Area AND that has a programmed name will be displayed, even if the keypad does not physically exist. Hovering the cursor over the F-keys causes their programmed identity name to be displayed.

Page 21 The Climate screen also has radio buttons along the top edge for switching between screens for Keypads and Temperature Probes. These screens also populate themselves with names and temperatures of devices which are programmed into the Control. Page 22 The 'Send' button must be clicked to perform the desired command. Outputs printed in Red type are currently On.That's a lot of programs, but they run through fairly quickly.

Dulabar Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! External bias supply for SMPS 4.

Lighting Page Lights can be controlled using the Light buttons and the sliders. It features a secure embedded web server with a user interface built on a Java applet, email event notification, and FIPS compliant encryption algorithms for security sensi- tive environments. It is not intended to be used as a polling command. If you want to interface to the Elk M1 over ethernet, I think some people have already got this working: The primary and secondary DNS servers must be entered correctly in order for many features of the M1XEP email, ddns, timer server, etc.

Please be advised that anyone who contravenes these guidelines may be banned from the chatroom. This setting can be accessed through.

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