Hi to WD users. First time posting here. So here it goes. Had my My Book Pro 2TB for almost 7 years and is still working. Upgraded my OS into. In I bought myself a 2TB My Book Studio II external hard drive to hold my Time 'WD Drive Manager' to configure the drive as a 1TB RAID 1 mirrored device. I have been happily using the mybook (WDC) on XP Pro for some time (2 years?) without incident using the two 1TB disks in a.

Wd My Book Raid Manager

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For five months I have been using a WD MyBook Studio Edition II 2TB in RAID 1 mode on a 27" iMac i7, GHz, running Mac OS X Many RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) options exist to connect My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra, My Book Duo, My Cloud Pro Series PR I have a My Book Mirror Edition WDH2U and I can't change the RAID level for my drive on my Mac. Has anyone been able to get the WD.

I had tried that option earlier with the same resulting error message. I tried again and got the same.

No joy for me yet. Hopefully, a programmer type will be able to solve the problem. After arranging a test to mount the drive on another iMac after installing the software from the disk , it appeared the drive manager did load and open and functioned normally, indicating the drive was operating properly both 1TB drives in the enclosure could be seen.

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The WD logo on the menu bar launched the Drive Manager with full functionality. Hopefully, if anyone else has this issue, the act of reinstalling the OS which I was hesitant to do will solve their problem as well. Thank you for hanging in there and solving the issue.

I will pass this along for our staff to see.

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HGST Support. External Drives for Mac. Trixtek October 15, , 1: Tried again, this time using the USB connection with the same result.

Download the Western Digital Raid Manager, this application will test your drive and also will let you know exactly the faulty drive. My original post stated that I downloaded this utility, ran it, and it gave the results stated.

Other suggestions? I would contact support to verify this, and you may be able to get an advance rma, pull the data off those drives, then return the defective drive. Because I could not get any WD utility to actually show me which drive was bad, I decided to reconnect the unit with the A drive removed.

I figured if the drive was still recognized and I could see the data, then it must be the A drive that was bad. I connected the USB cable, and all was well.

I am pleasantly surprised that I was able to recover this array. I am disappointed in the WD utilities, however, as they are NOT very useful in determining which of the two drives are bad. Thanks to all of you who contributed to this thread.

Support Downloads Knowledge Base.

German Spanish Italian French.The WD logo on the menu bar launched the Drive Manager with full functionality.

Still no icon in the Menu bar.

HGST Support. Good news.

There are multiple pieces of software that come with the drive and the basic WD utility for managing the drive for like picking raid configuration, sleep timer, drive check etc By providing your email address, you agree to the terms of Western Digital's Privacy Policy. Nesvic October 15, , 2: The app is vintage.

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