花千骨 (Chinese Edition) and millions of other books are available for site site. The Journey of Flower (Hua Qiangu)(Chinese Edition) (Chinese) Paperback – June 25, Start reading 花千骨 (Chinese Edition) on your site in under a minute. Faerie Blossom/Hua Qian Gu/The Day Love you (Chinese Edition) [Guo Guo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hua Qiangu is a story of a. Hua Qian Gu (The Journey of Flower) 仙侠奇缘之花千骨 by Fresh 果果 Guo Guo (HE) females in the story, but the only person that Hua Qian Gu loves would remain her Shifu. I think the ebook link above has all of that.

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Alternative Names. 仙侠奇缘之花千骨; Hua Qian Gu; Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua Qian Gu. Related Series. You May Also Like. Venomous Return: Lady Temptress . Associated Names. One entry per line. Hua Qian Gu Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua Qian Gu 仙侠奇缘之花千骨. Related Series. N/A. Recommendations. Meow Meow. Hua Qian Gu 《花千骨》, Fresh 果果, Fantasy/ Mythology, Teacher-Student, OP, X, (I'd read Chongzi and watch the drama for Hua Qian Gu:D). Huaxu Yin 《华胥 引》 . sounds so interesting! Is there a chinese ebook avaliable somewhere?.

Not touched..

Wanted to try.. I shelved it… On my to read list… Will update when I reach that stage. No BE and OE for me. I watched the show without knowing it was an adaptation of her book…..

Read the beginning…. I do recall reading the first few chpts.. Oh my oh my… I just loved this story….. But meng jue…. I hate the writer….. Watched the drama……dun like the ending….. Ah yes…. The ending was a bit too abrupt and not to my liking….. I liked this…but way to adult themed……yeah…under 25 not allowed!!!!!

But Li xiao an is just way off scale… Imagine calling her kids xiao xiao and an an…. I tot she was preg with a son??

Godfrey GAO…haha…read other nicer ones already…. Waiting for drama release to drool and eye candy Ssooo cute…. Wished it happens in real life tho. Read this…not bad….. Reading hamsters translation: Highly recommended……i liked the prequel more tho…. I do not like the ending!!!!!!! Always on his boat… I like myself a nice gentle considerate man who is smart intellectual handsome and oh well abit of a handicap…. The starter of all things addictive!!!!

I still ship 8th prince. Then again coz I think Nicky is old n ugly with a big nose. But oh!! They ended up for real!! Funny book just for silly funny laughs. Nice read for boredom. On my to read list. I read on hamsters again…….

I found this book very sad… All 3 stories in it was sad too… 1. P Anyway good on you for reading more on this list compared with Xinn, lol. P Give no. You should also give the two no. Lastly, no. You should read it. It is no. I notice that you like to ship the wrong boats. Next time ask me before you jump aboard or else you gonna die of drowning, lol. U have a run thru on the numbering…dunno if it just occurs on my site tho? I seem to be boarding all the wrong ships….

Ya, Pm is so compassionate, adopting all those unwanted good guys, lol. Actually those authors should have some mercy and write some girls for them. It is like those American day time soap where they add characters and storylines after the initial hundred episode. No one is persistent enough to translate up chapters.

He is Liu Fu Ling.

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This shows how much you love him when you mis-spelt his name, lol. Haha, this means peanuts love them more: Hihi, long time no see. Shan Shan is delayed this week, lol. At least SS is on this list so it is not such a bad list: P I like half the books on this list. But for those who can read, it could be an enjoyable experience for them.

So it is a modern book? From the book cover, I tut it is an ancient book. I think I read somewhere the ending is kind of open-ended as someone died. Died in the online game world? It has been translated to Viet? Hey, you have any news about SS comics yet? I mean, Silent Separation is a nice book with a romantic male lead who waited for his love for 7 years, but hey, the male lead in Heavy Sweetness waited for his love for years! Try to beat that! Yet, Xu Feng still forgave her when he was revived.

Try to out do that, right? Donghua is a blockhead, much more obtuse, and infinitely ruder than Yehua, but hey, this guy is much more interesting than Yehua. In fact, Donghua is so rude and blunt that he is funny and entertaining. Still, I have not forgiven him for the grief he has given poor Fengjiu and still want her to leave him and fall in love with a more deserving guy. Come and Eat, Shan Shan, what can I say?

My dear Feng Teng deserves a higher ranking. Good looks, money, humor, and heart. Did I mention the money? Please pump out more chapters of Heavy Sweetness before straying to other projects! I need to know the full story in English because my Mandarin is poo poo!

Ooops, forgot to put spoiler tags on my first paragraph in the comment above. Different criteria. Probably in a year or so, different books will top the list.

The poll took place before PB 2 was released so the voters did not know the ending yet plus some waiting for the release of the 2nd book may not read it yet so this is why the lower ranking. But, readers read the 1st book initially so there they also have nostalgic feeling for it like Silent Separation. Honestly speaking, stories like Shan Shan are plentiful in c-novel land so it is nothing special plotwise.

Thank you Mel for your continuous support and comments: Peanuts this seems to be your favourite wuxia book! Haha realised how silly i was, but that was because i was still a newbie to all this wuxia and fighting for the thrones. TH really writes beautiful epilogues for her characters.

I quite liked Paper Rose modern novel because of the strong female character. Qian Shan Mu Xue — such a dysfunctional relationship! Same opinion as you: Did you know the fans for this book and fans of 3L3W: I also think it should be ranked higher. I think those ppl fell in love with the manhua first then the novel.

I am allergic to Peter Ho: Since you are not a fan, you missed nothing: P It is just your miss, lol. Nearly all ancient books are so draggy: I am taking a break from Tong Hua, after all the books and dramas. Wow, what a shock to find out you are one of my silent reader, lol. So draggy, my pet hate, lol. Even if you ship both guys, you also get half your heart broken: Agree with you: Yup, that male lead is just too hateful.

Hence, how deep is his love? Ya, I expect him to stay celibate for the rest of his life to redeem his sins: It is bcos you read Chong Zi first so you like it better, just like queenanon read HQG first so she loves it: Huh, did xiaoyuer do a feature on HXY? It is not really sad if you view it in another way.

I feel this is T7 best book. SN loved him too much and kind of sacrificed herself instead.

I also watch more k-drama than c-drama. It is just a matter of taste, nothing personal. Feel free to dislike Wallace Chung bcos I am not a crazy fan, lol. By then, she was too busy to write anything. If you wait for me, I may take forever, lol. Oh, I am shocked, lol! She seldom visit my blog bcos it is too tame for her, lol. JSQC is a complete tragic story from beginning until the end. That is the book cover. I was on holidays in Japan at that time so I am innocent, lol.

Another lesson for you is judge not a book by its cover, haha….. Haha I like the colour purple so it looked appealing to me.

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It was quite moving and sweet, I wished they could have ended up together. The female lead has an inner strength and purity that actually draws the three guys to her so I quite liked her too.

The perfect ending to this story would have been giving the female lead a second chance of love with the second lead. I guess his appeal is that he looks good, haha.. So, where can you find e-books in Chinese? Weibo Books Weibo Books offers an excellent selection of world-renowned publications that have been translated into Chinese, as well as original Chinese language books. Unlike Weibo Books, not all of these are published offline.

At the same time trouble is brewing in the Western Regions, and a conspiracy is underway to topple the authorities of the Central Plain. site site site offers a selection of Chinese e-books through site.

With a site app, you can read e-books on any device. Go to the Foreign Languages category, and then select Chinese language, which currently has over 4, titles. Loyal Books Loyal Books is a free online library. You can also stream audio versions of books. Another minus point is no music: If you can find a better broadcast, pls tell me. Really thought she should have practiced on a less popular piece. The better one is not very finished either.

Those never get finished. I think they only have 1 part up which is like 50mins? The only incomplete bit is the epilogue right? I am nearly to the point of no rtn but luckily I can still stop now if I want to. Such a dilemma as the story so far is quite good but the audio book really sucks.

Why the voice drama is incomplete? Because it has just started or the project is abandoned? I like many voices as there are quite a lot of characters in this book so I need diff voices for them. Aww, I thought it was different from the other version because someone said it had no music. Thanks for answering my questions about Once Promised. I finally decided to take a deep breath and start reading. I wrote no music. I guess it should be no song.

The music is pale in comparison to others on ctx8 website. It is not very bad but bad if you compare it to ctx8 works. If there is no better alternative then this is tolerable if you take the time to listen to it properly but cannot marathon it like ctx8 audio books.

So far, i like the one who wants to marry her bcos he is funny: Is it read by a single person? Yes, the opening a bit scary. So far, I like these 2 guys more than that teacher Bai. Why in xian xia novel they like the surname Bai? Yuk, yuk such an ugly name: I am enjoying this book because of the worm. I feel like it is more like my adulation for good looking actors: This book has more adventures than Chong Zi. P Yes, the prince is Lang gege. Got another guy called Dong Fang.

I ship the worm with Qian Gu the most, hahaha…. Im also where you are. Have to say though that really helped me hook into the story much better.

Since Peanuts asked, here is the major character list. If anything is incorrect, please correct it. Beware of spoilers. Thank you very much Sky. Sending you a big hug, lol. WJ is absolutely better. So, it means Mu Yu will turn bad.

I think that If I were to read both books, the thing I would like best about Hua Qian Gu would also be that it all happened in one life time rather than split into a few lifetimes. You might be able to accept what has happened in that same lifetime, but when retold in the second lifetime the way you lived that new life might change your thoughts about things.

Does Chong Zi 2 even have her memories of her previous life as Chong Zi 1? I like few lifetimes book but not in the shifu genre. Just imagining that scene you created of the Shifu staying on top of the mountain alone forever makes my heart hurt. For a xian that sacrificed his own happiness as exchange for peace among the 6 realms.

Hey, both of you are worse, instigating me to kill the shifu: On the other hand, it is not tat bad, just back to square one since the shifu has always been living alone on top of the mountain. He is so powerful, how to wipe out his memory? Anyway memory can be recovered anytime. Leaving him on top of that mountain is really tragic.

Usually, after the shifu chooses the world over his student, he encounters some depression, guilt, craziness that almost turns him into a Mo. Hey Chancy, cxt8 gonna broadcast this with 5 readers. I am stuck on Chong Zi chapter 40 bcos so annoyed with tat stupid shifu who banished her to Kunlun mountain: That book has quite good rating but I saw 6 volume.

The poster has 2 girls on it, right? He left this msg: Xiao Meng likes long books. How do you know this stuff? I might listen to this book to reminisce on my first XianXia. Qian Gu is really long though. I thought you said earlier that you would listen to it if it was a better audiobook. Only Chancy camp at cxt8 waiting for Abu whereas I go there occasionally to dig out info to share: P Water said so in reply to a listener so it should be accurate.

Nowadays feel so dull with cxt8 offerings so got fairly excited when I read abt bones. Come on, so many good novels out there, stop being so hung up on 3W3L10PB. I feel Dong Hua is even more interesting than Ye Hua: I adored Dong Fang Yu Qing, and his ending was just terrible. Luckily, he reincarnates with all of his memories. Lol, I forgot you all are audiobook addicts.

That is one strange name. Is it meant to be a pun, literal, or a mix of both? And is Bu-gege going to be in this too?

Actually I think he can sound quite serious when he wants to. And the characters were sort if 2D until the last three chapters or something. It was rather entertaining at the beginning though. I really love the girl reader after reading her 2 books. I think there is half way more to go. Not sure though. Sob sob, no Abu in this book.

Not even sure if Cgege is leading. I think some of the listeners communiciate with some readers via QQ or weibo etc. I am sure C gege can read the shifu but I think the listeners are right. Who Gets the World is really addictive. The reader needs lots of time to produce such high quality audiobook. I like how you put it. Ah Bu has a very smooth voice. I totally agree! I was only able to start communicating with my cousins in China after downloading the WeChat app.

I doubt they will have him play just old characters that aren't very important.

Cgege always gets stuffed with those roles when he is costaring with another guy reader. Kind of like with Niao in Mirage. His voice is just too old sounding. Hey Chancy, there is a new ancient book in cxt8 with 3 new readers which may be your cup of tea as you like ancient palace book. I think it is another time travelling book: Is it gay? Never heard any book from any of them though. I'm like getting tired of time traveling stories.

What kind of spoiler you want as there are many characters in the book? If you want to know if she end up with her teacher, the answer is yes. I think a good audiobook on this novel will be released later so you can listen to it if can understand Mandarin. If it true,How does bai zi hua feel? The book ending: Qian Gu made Bai Zi Hua kill her since she is the demon.

After her reincarnation, she only has the intelligent of a kid. Bai Zi Hua found the reincarnated Qian Gu and accepted her as his disciple again. Qian Gu has lost all her memory so she seemed happy now. This novel in Thai edition has 3 Volume complete.

Curious to know beside this book and three lives three worlds, what Chinese book has been translated to Thai?

Taming the Yellow River: Silt and Floods

I hope that book will be finished this year has 3 Vol. But all of this picture has watermark.

A Piece of Cover Vo. Bu Bu Jing Xin 4 Vol. Thanks for the links. Man man Qing Lou and 3l3w have best looking pics. What books which are not in shushengbar have been translated to Thai? If can with Chinese names pls as I cannot read Thai.

Just want to know what books are good enough to be translated. I only know a little about Chinese novel. Really sorry.

Routledge Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature

I know it not good enough for you translated. The story is very very very long. I fell in love with him and pity him so much. I notice many people especially those from Thailand visit this page. I wonder if the Thai version will have the China or Taiwan version ending. For your information, Fresh Fruit who is the author is collaborating with someone to do the manhua comic version of the book.

You are too kind! I am very grateful. My friends and I waiting to read the end of Hua Qian Gu. If you have time. Thank a lot for News. There are also another extra 2 epilogues so you need to wait longer for my post as I need time to read them all.

For those who understand Mandarin, there is a new audiobook with 4 people reading which is a huge improvement from the previous monotone reading but still not good enough according to my std: P Only 10 chapters have been released so long way to go. Cxt8 is so slow. Before that is a […]. She eventually got everything cured except for her eyes.

There was one that the author wrote as a joke where HQG married all 5 guys but that one was never finished because the author abandoned it to write her next novel. The newest epilogue is the one that comes with the new revised edition of the novel that was published this year.I do recall reading the first few chpts..

Haha, I also know which guy is the right ship but when I read that the beginnng is draggy, I lost interest. This is why I love reading these kinds of romance novels. Haha, I also know which guy is the right ship but when I read that the beginnng is draggy, I lost interest. At the dinner party we reminisced about how we stood in the Kunming investigation and days back in the National Southwest Associated University in Before that is a […].

Interesting role she cast my dear Wallace in but I ended up loving him in the story. The pre-birth arrangement also discriminates equally between six yin and six yang with trigrams and places trigrams pairs in opposition to each other to stimulate the heavenly and earthly numbers crossing downwards.

In the latter half of the year, I made proposals to conduct a comprehensive survey in Greater China Region at the Conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Out of the ones I read recently, I like:.

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I enjoy reading books actually . Please check my other posts. One of my hobbies is coloring.